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2018 Integra MicroFrance® ENT Catalogues

By 7 August 2018News

2018 Integra MicroFrance® ENT Catalogues :

The new catalogues are available in French and English version.

We are pleased to present the Integra MicroFrance® ENT catalogues, 2018 edition, for MicroFrance® ENT surgery instruments.

You will find all MicroFrance® instruments for :

  • Ear surgery: 850 items,
    instruments designed in partnership with surgeons such as Causse, Legent, Charachon, Devèze, Fraysse, Garabédian, Jankowski, Marquet, Selesnick, etc.
  • Nose surgery: 970 items,
    instruments designed in partnership with surgeons such as Dessi, De Gabory, Frèche, Jankowski, Peynègre, rouvier, Stamm, Wormald, etc.
  • Throat and larynx surgery : 820 items,
    instruments designed in partnership with surgeons such as Bouchayer, Abitbol, Pérouse, De Lagausie, Garabédian, Henry, Morinière, Sataloff, Terris, etc.
  • Plastic surgery: 570 items.

More than 2200 different products are featured in the 2018 Integra MicroFrance® ENT catalogues.

Download & read the catalogues in French and/or in English :

You can read them directly on the website or download them here.


In these catalogues, we also offer instrumentation sets specific to a type of surgery and/or have been developed with surgeons.

  • For Ear surgery:
    Causse Set, Thomassin Otoscopic Set, Selesnick Set, prosthesis implantation set, otoneurosurgery set, myringoplasty set, consultation set, etc.
  • For Nose surgery:
    Dessi “Rhinoclean”, De Gabory instrumentation, Wormald sets for frontal sinus surgery and for the skull base, Stamm skull base set, Levine set, monopolar micro instrument set, etc
  • For Throat and laryngeal surgery:
    Bouchayer set, Perouse set, Abitbol set, Sataloff set, Benninger set, Henry set, pediatric set 3.5mm, instrumentation for tonsils, esophagoscopy, hypopharyngoscopy, diverticuloscopy, laryngoscopes, etc.
  • For Plastic surgery:
    Gilbert hand set, Gilbert bone set, maxillary set, face lift set, breast set, endoscopic face lift set, otoplasty set, microsurgery set.

We can help you put together your sets of ENT instruments upon request: please contact us.