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2018 Integra MicroFrance® Laparoscopic Catalogues

By 7 August 2018News

These new 2018 Integra MicroFrance® Laparoscopy catalogues are available in French and in English.

We are pleased to present the Integra MicroFrance® Laparoscopy catalogs, 2018 edition, for MicroFrance® laparoscopic instruments.

More than 650 different products are featured in the 2018 Integra MicroFrance® Laparoscopy catalogues.

Download & read the 2018 Laparoscopy catalogues in French and in English:

You can read them directly on the website or download them here.

Catalogues Integra MicroFrance® Laparoscopie 2018 - PDF - FR  Catalogues Integra MicroFrance® Laparoscopie 2018 - PDF - EN - 2018

The MicroFrance® laparoscopy instruments have been designed in partnership with surgeons such as Montupet, Mouiel, Manhès, Nouaille, Delaitre, Desmaizières, Gayet, Bertrand, Dulucq, Iannelli, Mosnier, Scheye, etc.

Our laparoscopic instruments are available for you in multiple diameters : 3.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 10.0 mm, or 12.0 mm, and in rotating or fixed versions.

Modular or one piece instruments are also available from the MicroFrance® laparoscopic instrumentation range.

MicroFrance® modular laparoscopic instruments are composed of three pieces: the jaws, tube, and handle.

In these catalogues, we also offer instrumentation sets, specific to a type of surgery and/or have been developed with surgeons.

  • Miniport instrumentation 3.5 mm
  • Pediatric instrumentation 3.5 mm
  • Minimally invasive instrumentation 5 mm with a stylus handle

We can help you put together your sets of Laparoscopy instruments upon request: please contact us.

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